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In the world of web hosting service provider Myhosting is a world’s leading hosting service provider. Myhosting Company is a child company. It is privately owned and the owner of this company is SoftCom. This webs hosting company was established in 1997 in Toronto, but it claims to provide the hosting services to more than 50,000 customers and has services in 170 countries all over the world. This service provider pays more attention on the database or email hosting, vps and shared. It tries to be updated by using the latest technologies available. The customers using their hosting services are pleased with their service. Apart from the improving the customer relations My Hosting also has certain low budget schemes to suite every person accordingly providing enough space for data storage.

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It has these three versions of the shared hosting which may include Basic, Premium & Professional modes providing the users to decide what be the best option for their usage. Apart from these facilities this type of hosting can bring along with it some extra facilities such as a great chance of having a excellent hosted Exchange format of the mal service & Windows Share Point services which could vital for a lot of users requiring these extra features which are optional. Thus along with these services provided by the My Hosting, there comes a sure chance where one can expand the business on the web world & increase the revenue by earning some cash.

Once someone is ready to be graduated from the shared account created in the hosted system, My Hosting provides the user or the business concern with an empowerment which brings with it a full featured virtual private server & there by set a large business unit from the small unit you once initiated. This is the most reliable company that one can seek services from and they provide top quality web hosting sevices, customers support and satisfaction.

This company is managed and owned by Canadian company. They provide huge range of web hosting plans to their customers. They also offer email hosting as well as various other business solutions such as online marketing, website designing, SEO and much more. Their servers usually run on Linux and windows operating system. One is completely free to select from any of the above two OS.

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